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The Artist-Wilderness-Connection
Artist-In-Residence Program
Applications for the Artist-Wilderness-Connection have been postponed until 2022. Applicants for 2020 have been moved into the 2021 season.

Important Dates

January 10, 2020
Application portal opens

February 24, 2020
Applications due

March 27, 2020
All artists notified

2020 Application Guidelines

The Artist↔Wilderness↔Connection (AWC) program is open to all professional artists and writers. Two artists will be chosen to participate in the 2020 program. Collaborative groups will be considered. If you are applying as a collaborative group, all artists in the collaboration must submit separate, individual applications and explain the collaborative work in their letter of intent.

In the year following the AWC residency, artists are expected to complete the community extension portion of program in Montana within a calendar year.
All residency travel, including getting to the backcountry trailhead, and the Montana community extension, is the responsibility of the artist. (For artists interested in potentially doing a show at the Hockaday, please submit an exhibition proposal well in advance. Participation in the AWC program does not guarantee exhibit space.) Past applicants are encouraged to reapply.

Before completing the application, artists are encouraged to read the AWC 2020 Program Guidelines:

2020 AWC registration guidelines

Click here to learn more about the cabin locations and residency dates.

How to Apply

AWC applications are accepted online only. For consideration, please have the following prepared for your online application:

1. Current professional artist resume
(submitted in Microsoft Word “.doc” or Adobe “.pdf” format)

2. Letter of intent describing (submitted in Microsoft Word “.doc” or Adobe “.pdf” format):

a. What you hope to achieve from this experience including how you will communicate your artistic vision as it relates to the Bob Marshall and Great Bear Wilderness Areas. (See program guidelines.)

b. The value of this opportunity to your artistic growth.

c. Ideas you have for a public presentation following your residency.
This may include a demonstration, exhibit, performance, open house, workshop or training and could involve public, school or community groups. The presentation would communicate the values, processes, features and resources of both the artist, their work and experience and that of the wilderness setting where the residency took place.

d. Your first AND second choice cabin location and residency dates.

e. Tell us how you heard about the AWC program.

3. Letter of reference (submitted in Microsoft Word “.doc” or Adobe “.pdf” format)

4. Four (4) examples of your work uploaded  electronically during the online application process. Digital images should be taken with sufficient resolution and size to best represent your work. (Recommended: 300 dpi, no smaller than 6” high by 8” wide.)

5. $25 non-refundable application fee, paid via PayPal (you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay using this service, and you may fund your PayPal payment from either a bank account or a credit card). Your application/entry will be submitted after you complete online payment via PayPal.

Applications must be completed by February 24, 2020. Notification of accepted and declined applications will be sent by March 27, 2020.  Late applications will not be considered.

If you have questions or concerns about your application, please call 406.755.5268 to speak with Kathy Martin at the Hockaday.

2016 AWC Participants Richie Carter and Kenneth Yarus
show what fun and how productive  ten days can be in
the Great Bear Wilderness.

2016 AWC Participant Marilyn Feather takes you on a
tour of her wilderness experience.

The Artist Wilderness Connection from Jeri Rafter on Vimeo,
featuring 2012 participants Mandy Mohler, Bettreena Jaeger
and Josh Harvey.

Barbara Rusmore Painting
Barbara Rusmore

What is the Artist-Wilderness-Connection?
The Artist↔Wilderness↔Connection program connects artists with the Flathead National Forest, Hockaday Museum of Art and area communities. The program consists of the Artist Residency, Forest Experience and the Community Extension. The artists benefit from having a remote setting to focus on their art and the community benefits from the presentations the artists offer from their experiences.

In 2003, the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation, Flathead National Forest, Hockaday Museum of Art and Swan Valley Connections joined forces to create the AWC program. Since 2004, 44 artists have participated in the program.

The Artist Residency
The program places professional working artists in various disciplines, media and styles in remote forest cabins for seven or 14 days followed by a public presentation related to their residency. Group collaborations are considered and encouraged.

Montana Inspires Artists

The Forest/Wilderness Experience
The program focus connects artists with the Bob Marshall and Great Bear Wilderness Areas. The backcountry cabins in the program are located in the Flathead National Forest, five to 15 miles from the nearest trailhead. Travel to the cabin is by foot over uneven ground. Artist’s personal items, food and art supplies are packed in by mule and horse. Some cabins are very private, suggesting solitude, reflection and personal work; other sites offer the experience of working and/or living with Forest Service crews. The best residency experiences come from plans that allow for the unexpected and are entered into with an open mind.

Montana Inspires Artists

The Community Extension
A Montana-based public presentation accompanies each residency. It may include demonstrating an art form or techniques to the public. This could include a showing, performance, open house, workshop or training session where the public or school groups can participate and learn from the artist about the experiences gained through their participation in the program. The workshops, performances, exhibits and or other presentations communicate the values, processes, features and resources of both the artist and the wilderness setting. Program participants also donate a representative piece of their work to the Artist↔Wilderness↔Connection program.

For More Information
Teresa Wenum
Flathead National Forest

Rebecca Powell and Allison Siems
Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation

Andrea DiNino
Swan Valley Connections

Kathy Martin
Hockaday Museum of Art

Past Participating Artists

2019 - Eden Hall, Genna Riggi

2018 - Ted Hanson, Mark McLean

2017 - Francesca Droll, Gini Ogle

2016 - Richie Carter, Marilyn Feather, Wanda Mumm, Kenneth Yarus

2015 - Annie Allen, Raette Meredith, Greg Thurston

2014 - Bonnie Shields, Karen Thorson, Stephen Wood

2013 - Randy Beacham, Alan Satterlee, Barbara Rusmore

- Jill Beauchesne Alban, Kim Kapalka, Mandy Mohler, Bettreena Jaeger, Joshua Harvey

2011 - Andrea Brew, Salena Beckwith, Lauren Grabelle

2010 - Beth Hodder, Sandra Marker, Cyndy Mullings, Lois Sturgis, Julie Wulf

2009 - Rob Akey, James Clayborn, Bobby Tilton

2008 - Larry Blackwood, Scott Friskics, Jennifer Smith

2007 - Sally Hickman, Jane Kleinschmidt, Bill Knoll

2006 - Jane Latus Emmert, Michael Patterson, Carol Poppenga

2005 - Karin Connelly, Janet Sullivan

2004 - Myni Ferguson, Annick Smith

The Artist-Wilderness Connection
AWC Logo

A Collaborative Project managed by Flathead National Forest, Hockaday Museum of Art, Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation and Swan Valley Connections






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