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Elizabeth Robbins
A Timeless Legacy 2016 Artist


Elizabeth Robbins Circle of Protection
Circle of Protection
Elizabeth Robbins
36" x 24"

Elizabeth Robbins
Stands with Pride
Elizabeth Robbins
24" x 20"

Elizabeth Robbins
Many Stories Told
Elizabeth Robbins
12" x 9"

The works above appear in the
2016 A Timeless Legacy
exhibit and sale. 

Elizabeth Robbins
Elizabeth Robbins was raised in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. As a child, her Grandmother's would help her identify various wild flowers at their cabin above Oakley, Utah. This is where her love of flowers began. "I still have the book where I pressed and categorized wild flowers that my paternal Grandmother helped me with." She began painting in her early 20's but soon children became her priority and her love of painting was an occasional hobby. As the children grew, so did her desire to expand on her art. Elizabeth now devotes full time to her art. She has won numerous awards including “Best Still Life” at the National Oil and Acrylic Painter’s Exhibit and the “Tuffy Berg Award” at the 2008 CM Russell auction.

Her work is in private collections throughout the United States and in the Ella Dunnegan Museum in Bolivar, MO.



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