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Carole Cooke
A Timeless Legacy 2016 Artist


Carole Cooke Rain Dance
Rain Dance
Carole Cooke
Oil on linen
12" x 10"

The painting above appears in the
2016 A Timeless Legacy
exhibit and sale.

Carole Cooke
Carole Cooke grew up in a rural area in Orange County, California. She lived for fourteen years in Laguna Beach, where she was exposed to art and the plein air paintings of the California impressionists. After a successful career as an Art Director in the film industry, Carole turned her talents to the field of fine art in 1997. Following her own path of discovery, she was fired by relentless enthusiasm and a dedication to research. Not only did she study the California impressionists, she delved into the works of European masters, and the Early Taos, New Mexico art community. Cooke internalized their expertise as a means to finding her own artistic voice.

Carole paints on location as much as possible, believing observation is the key to understanding the landscape. It is in wide-open spaces that she is inspired to evoke the amazing peace and tranquility she feels in nature. Cooke strives to bring that essence of the outdoors into all her paintings.

Known for her evocative plein air landscapes, Cooke relates, “When I paint on location in remote areas, I feel a sense of unparalleled exhilaration and joy. It is my hope that sharing images of these pristine vistas will not only help my viewers experience a strong connection to nature, but more importantly, will encourage them to join in efforts to preserve these vanishing treasures.”

Cooke has participated in prestigious annual exhibitions such as the Western Visions Exhibition at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the Masters of the American West at the Autry National Center in Los Angeles, California, where, in January 2015 she received the Western Art and Architecture Magazine Award.

When asked how she feels about the legacy of women painting in Glacier National Park Cooke says, “They were here, and looking at some of the same mountains that we are looking at, looking at the same creeks we are looking at, dealing with the same issues of the wind and the rain. It’s important to know that we are up to the task. We can be out here in the trenches doing what these women did before. They must have been just as inspired as we are when we look at this incredible Park and this pristine nature… it just sings to me.”

The above is an excerpt from the A Timeless Legacy – Women Artists of Glacier National Park book published by the Hockaday Museum of Art, Copyright 2015.  Copies of the book are availabe in the Museum's gift shop and for online purchase here.



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