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13th Annual
2014 Members Salon
An Annual Exhibition of Artist Member Works

On Exhibit
November 13 - December 27, 2014

Opening Reception
Thursday, November 13, 2014
5:00 - 7:00 PM
Admission: Free/Open to the Public

2014 People's Choice Award Winners

Ron Ukrainetz
1st Place
Born and raised in Great Falls, Montana, Ron is a life-long artist.  During the past 30 years as a professional artist, he has garnered awards from numerous shows across the country.  He has been featured in many magazines, including Western Art Collector, Wildlife Art Magazine, and The Artists Magazine.  Ron is a living Master in acrylics on engraved Claybord and is quoted as saying “Artists are perpetual students.  Each piece created celebrates the lessons learned, and raises new challenges for the next piece.”
Ron Ukrainetz: Flickers View
Flicker's View
Engraving on white Claybord
10" x 16"
USD 1,595

Linda Olsen
2nd Place
Linda is a native Montanan born East of the mountains who has lived in the Flathead for the past 45 years.  Always interested in art, she majored in German and Art Education, teaching German at Columbia Falls High School for ten years.  During that time, she painted a little and mostly in acrylics, but was busy raising a family and working in family businesses.  About four years ago, she took Karen Leigh's watercolor course at FVCC and fell in love with the medium.  Since that time, multiple trips to Mexico have inspired her to paint the people and places she has seen.  In "Great Expectations", there were many layers or washes applied to achieve the sun's glow on her skin. Linda's other favorite subjects include local scenes, family and friends.  She says "Watercolors are both easy and extremely difficult which makes the medium very appealing and challenging to me."
Linda Olsen: Great Expectations
Great Expectations
14" x 21"
USD 650

Darlene Morgan
3rd Place
Darlene has been drawing and painting as far back as she can remember. Her subject matter has always been people or animals, and she loves portraiture and feels this is her niche.  Most of her paintings for the past 45 years have been Native Americans as she loves their faces, costumes and culture. Most of her paintings are rendered in great detail using India ink as a wash in a similar manner as watercolors, only in black and white. Morgan says "The varying tones and values need to be exact to depict to the viewer a visual perception of texture and depth.  It is a very unforgiving medium and requires a slow process, because mistakes cannot be erased or painted over."
Darlene Morgan: Girl with the Bear Earrings
Girl with the Bear Earrings
India Ink Wash
14" x 18"
USD 2,850

About the Exhibit
Come meet the artist next door.  Hockaday members who are artists, by vocation or by avocation, exhibit one piece of their artwork in the media of their choice, created in the past year.  The public is invited to attend the opening reception on November 13, enjoy the many pieces of recently created art, and cast a vote for their favorite.  Voting will continue through December 13 at 5:00 PM. A Members Salon exhibition will yield three People’s Choice Award winners to be announced December 16.  The chosen 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be awarded prizes.

2014 Members Salon Exhibition

2014 Members Salon

2014 Members Salon Exhibition

Artist Participation
For all of the dates and details on participating in the 2014 Members Salon, please visit the Artist Opportunities page:





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