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The Uncommon Eye:
Impressions of a Montana

Paul Tunkis

On Exhibit
October 17 — November 23, 2013

Opening Reception
Thursday, October 17, 2013
5:00 - 7:00 PM
Admission: Free/Open to the Public

Ready to Release

Buffalo & Calf in Timber

Mule Deer Startled

Paradise Valley - O'Hair's Spring

About the Exhibit
Paul Tunkis of Livingston, Montana won first place in the Hockaday Museum of Art’s 2013 competition for emerging Montana artists entitled “Catch the Vision: From Dreams to Discovery”. The first prize in the competition is a solo exhibition and Paul Tunkis has titled his show The Uncommon Eye – Impressions of a Montana Outdoorsman.

The exhibit will be a compendium of watercolors by Paul Tunkis capturing the momentary presence of wildlife and the Montana landscape.” Wildlife is always in motion—stillness is fleeting. What does one see in 3 or 4 seconds?  As an artist, I see the eyes, broad colors, the impression of life and its surroundings. A memory, a recollection of an encounter, not too much detail, just enough to suggest what I thought I saw, just enough to let you, the viewer, fill in the details from your own memories. The Montana landscape is constantly changing—the light fleeting and the weather unpredictable, the awe inspiring lasts only moments—capturing that special moment challenges the artist in me.” Paul Tunkis

Paul Tunkis has been interested in painting and drawing since early childhood. After attending the University of Oregon, studying art and architecture he was able to study drawing and painting in San Francisco, CA with Thomas Leighton and Marjorie Lester.

In 2011 Paul Tunkis intensified his interest in painting wanting to share his work with others. Paul uses his artistic skills to draw upon past experience as a professional hunting guide in Colorado and Montana and as fishing guide on the waters of the Greater Yellowstone area. Paul’s artistic and outdoor interests take him all over the state of Montana as well as searching for new wildlife experiences beyond Montana to Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Namibia.

To learn more about Paul Tunkis and his artwork, visit

Sponsored by

Plum Creek Foundation

Kootenai Resource Corporation



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