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Up the North Fork
Peter Moore

On Exhibit
August 22 — November 2, 2013

Opening Reception
Thursday, September 5, 2013
5:00 - 7:00 PM
Admission: Free/Open to the Public


About the Artist
Peter Moore was born in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Upon High School graduation, he attended the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities where he studied Liberal Arts for three years.  In the Spring of 1970, he began hitchhiking across the western United States and doing odd jobs.  In 1978, he returned to the University of Minnesota to study Studio Arts.  It was at this point that Peter found his calling as an Artist.

In 1979, Peter left Minnesota for the remote mountains of Northwestern Montana.  There in the woods, far from the amenities of electricity, telephone and running water, he built a log cabin and began living his life as an Artist.

From his front porch, Peter sees Glacier National Park.  To the west, he sees into the woods of  the Flathead National Forest.  He watches seasons change and wild animals come and go.  He observes Montana’s big sky, the North Fork of the Flathead River, Hawk Creek, Red Meadow Creek, Red Meadow Lake and so much more.

For the past 32 years, Peter has been creating crisp, clear, colorful paintings of nature.  His unique vision and style have developed through many years of observation and experience in the wilderness environment he calls home. 

Artist/Process Statement
I study sunlight and shadows; sometimes creeping, sometimes soaring across the meadows and mountain-sides, down the driveways and up the road…  .  I am not as concerned with exactness as with essence.

I work in-studio using photos, sketches and observation notes.  I paint in acrylic with small brushes and because of my eyesight, I work very close to the canvas surface.  Because of this technique, I see only small areas of the canvas at a time.  Therefore, the shapes that I am dealing with become abstract- like pieces of a puzzle.

Our lives are as fleeting as the clouds and I think that we should all take the time to look and see.  All of us see uniquely through our own eyes.  With an open mind and accepting spirit, we may also see through the eyes of others.  My work is an attempt to show others what I see.


Sponsored by

Carol & Kurt Larson




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