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Catch the Vision: From Dreams to Discovery
Emerging Artist Show

On Exhibit
January 4 — February 23, 2013

Opening Reception
Thursday, January 10, 2013
5:00 - 7:00 PM
Admission: Free/Open to the Public

First Place Winner
Paul Tunkis
Award: Solo Exhibition at the Hockaday
October 17 - November 23, 2013

Paul Tunkis (Livingston, Montana) won first place honors and his work will be featured in a solo exhibition at the Hockaday October 17 - November 23, 2013.  Paul combines his artistic skills with his 24 of years experience as a professional hunting and fishing outfitter in Montana and the West.  He currently paints Montana’s landscape and wildlife in transparent watercolor, utilizing graphite and watercolor pencil on Arches hot press paper.  Paul hopes to pursue art as full time endeavor, sharing his work and vision with fellow Montanans as well as bring awareness of the necessity to continue to preserve Montana’s diverse wildlife and heritage landscape.

Paradise Valley - O'Hair's Spring
15" x 20"

Second Place Winner
Patrick McClellan
Award: Paid tuition to a professional workshop at the Hockaday

Patrick McClellan (Sheridan, Montana) has taken second place in the competition and will receive paid tuition to a professional artist workshop at the Hockaday.  Patrick’s “formal art training” began and ended with an introductory drawing class at a local junior college when he was in his 50s.  His instructor encouraged him to try plein air painting, and Patrick discovered he had a passion for the form.  The world class views and vistas of Montana often inspire him to create small plein air studies in the field which he then utilizes later along with additional reference photos to create larger format paintings in the studio.  

Sweetwater Loading Chute
16" x 20"

Third Place Winner
James Corwin
Award: Paid participation in three Crits & Croissants sessions at the Hockaday

James Corwin (Kalispell, Montana) is the third place winner and will receive three paid Crits & Croissants sessions at the Hockaday.  James’ work is reminiscent of the late 19th century and Hudson River School.  His landscapes are rich, exciting and romantic as they depict dramatic skies and lights.  The presence of the painting is sensational, emotional and fleeting.  As an artist with a passion for the romantic era, he has found it his exploration to reinvent the sensations produced during that era.  James uses the same processes and materials to build the glazes and luminous quality adherent to the 19th century.  The landscapes he chooses are familiar but the paintings are unique, original and recognizable.

Cannon Beach
16" x 20"


The 2013 Show

Catch the Vision: From Dreams to Discovery
The Catch the Vision exhibition is devoted to the discovery, introduction and promotion of emerging artists. The Hockaday’s goal is to help the emerging artist gain confidence, assist in the development of skills, aid in building professional connections and to gain experience in presenting and exhibiting in a professional gallery setting.

Eligible artists needed to be Montana residents working in any media who were beginning their careers as professional artists.  The artist could not have been represented by a commercial gallery or have had a solo exhibition in a gallery or museum setting.  Artists of any age were encouraged to apply, and artists under the age of 18 required their parent's/guardian's permission to participate.

2013 Participating Artists
James Corwin
Helen Hanson
A. Lee Harris
Hall Jameson
Terrel Jones
Steven Levesque
Patrick McClellan
Jennifer McClellan
Kristine Stanfield
Mike Stone
Barbara M. Taylor
Paul Tunkis
Joann Wilber


Sponsored by

Plum Creek Foundation



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