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Dueces Wild:

Mary Knapp and Connie Herberg

On Exhibit
June 3 — August 23, 2021

Opening Reception
Thursday, June 3. 2021
5:00 - 7:00 PM


Aspen Glow

Connie Herberg

Oil on linen

20" x 16"




Changing Weather

Mary Knapp

Fused Glass




About the Exhibit
This exhibit is a collaborative show featuring works by duece (two) artists, Connie Herberg and Mary Knapp. The exhibit is comprised of a representational and abstract images made from paint and glass, with intuitional and visionary interpretations from two artists with contrasting views, methods and materials. Each artist has chosen a compendium of their creations to showcase the whimsical to philosophical sides of their art.

Many artists spend some time "chasing squirrels" - a reference to how our inquisitive and creative natures lead us to explore different media, ideas, methods, and images through artistic discovery. "Chasing a squirrel" may be a diversion that turns the work in a new direction or just provides a fun break and a fresh perspective. Occasionally the chase gets a little wild. You are invited to interpret according to your own vision, engage, reflect, appreciate and enjoy what you see.



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