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Art Room Aid Program


About Art Room Aid

What is Art Room Aid?
ARA is a program intended to improve arts education by bringing supporters of the arts and teachers and other art educators and project leaders to an online marketplace where Project Owners request and Sponsors can supply art materials needed to fulfill programming.

About the Hockaday's Project
The Hockaday offers free art activities in conjunction with every school tour of the museum. Activities are designed to deepen the particular lessons of each tour and to personalize student's museum experiences so that they may develop a lifelong connection and commitment to the arts. There is an approximate cost of $2 per child for art project materials for this program, which has served thousands of students since 2011. Other classes are offered at below museum cost to serve all income levels.

Making Your Contribution
You can contribute to this project in two ways: Give credit so that we can purchase supplies for our project or purchase specific supplies and contribute those.
Visit to make your contribution.

Your contribution enables art projects for many children.

Your contribution enables art projects for many children.




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