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Montana Elevator Series
R. Wade Nelson

On Exhibit
May 3 - September 1, 2012

Opening Reception
Thursday, May 24, 2012
5:00 - 7:00 PM
Admission: Free/Open to the Public

Selected works from the Montana Elevator Series exhibition

About R. Wade Nelson
Wade Nelson lives in Thompson Falls where he was a high school art teacher for 30 years. Now retired, he works as a full time artist. Nelson has discovered recyclable materials make a perfect surface to paint on. He started experimenting on grocery bags, cardboard boxes, masonite, illustration board and tyvek. Basically, he uses any surface that will accept and hold paint. Wade purchases his paint at the local hardware store and uses only five colors. He refers to them as “Snicker colors”. “It’s great fun. I’m uninhibited when I can go Doug’s Hardware and get 4 large paintings out of a refrigerator box. I’m among the people who feel the value lies in the art not in what it’s made from”. He takes his inspiration from subjects he is interested in. A friend and fellow artist, Robert Gann suggested to Wade to go out and paint a 100 paintings on one subject and see what you end up with. Wade agreed, “I find a subject and just pursue it. With a series, you end up seeing the growth.”

Nelson speaks about his Montana Elevator series as if they are fond memories. His images are bright and vivid, the way one might remember a particularly glowing sunset. “I am fascinated by these images of plenty as they rise from the sometimes inhospitable land. They are vertical towers of wealth in a land of harsh horizontality. One feels a sense of optimism in these structures.  As a painter I am obligated to allow paint to be paint. I respect the material for what it is and how it works. I risk my image making illusions to let the paint flow and be visceral. The act of painting, the nature of paint, both inform ad obscure the image. It’s a fine line I travel as I try and walk through these pieces”.

Visit Wade's blog and enjoy some of his work in progress at:

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