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Catch the Vision: From Dreams to Discovery
Emerging Artist Show

On Exhibit
January 5 - February 25, 2012

Opening Reception
Thursday, January 12, 2012
5:00 - 7:00 PM
Admission: Free/Open to the Public

Celinda English
Mixed Media, 36" x 36"

Ken Jonas
Labor of Love
Alabaster Stone Carving, 12.5" x 10" x 5"

Mike Stone
Autumn Perspective
Photograph, 11" x 14"

Catch the Vision: From Dreams to Discovery
Exhibited Artist Works 2012:

Leslie Budewitz
Richie Carter
Rita Collins
James Corwin
Celinda English

Rob Funk
Ken Jonas
Steven Levesque
Michelle Lopez
Carlene Netteberg
Mike Stone

Celinda English
First Place Award
Solo exhibition in the "Emerging Artist" Gallery at the Hockaday

I earned my Bachelors of Art from Cornell University, followed by an Associate's Degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.   Later I received a Masters of Art in color theory at Georgetown University.

In my early career, I worked as a sportswear designer in New York City, specializing in knitwear.  I then moved to Washington, DC with my husband and worked as a costumer for The Washington Opera.  We then moved to Maine and I learned how to spin yarn and create specialty yarns.  I designed and sold a high end children's sweater line which sold in a Madison Avenue store in NYC called "Chocolate Soup".  I became a full time mother for ten years before moving to Montana.  I have always wanted to explore my vision of making large, mixed media, textile, and surface design wall works.  I currently have a studio in the Eastside Brick Building here in Kalispell.  My business is called "Wallworks".

The two pieces submitted for the "Catch the Vision" exhibition represent one technique using soaked muslin in an off-white flat acrylic paint and then manipulating it to create an interesting surface.  I like to think that the designs have an organically geometric quality.

I have other surface techniques that I am exploring.  I hope to work with interior designers and architects to create integrated wall art with their interiors.


Ken Jonas
Second Place Award
Tuition paid to attend a professional workshop at the Hockaday

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I developed an appreciation for nature, and for the art which celebrated it.  I was particularly drawn to the stone and wood carvings which graced many of the local galleries.  Despite these early influences, my journey as an artist has been circuitous.  I have a degree in Medicine, and have been a practicing physician now for over fifteen years.  It wasn't until after years of intense medical training that the artist within emerged.  Creative impulses led to woodturning for a time, until one day my wife gifted me with some steel rasps and a soapstone block.  My rock habit was born.  To this day, stone sculpting provides balance and refuge to a life which would otherwise be consumed by the demands of a medical practice.

I am largely self-taught, though my attendance at the Marble Symposium in Colorado in 2010 has provided a framework for continued growth.  My method employs an assortment of diamond abrasives, pneumatic hammers and carbide chisels to shape blocks of up to 500 pounds from marble, alabaster, calcite and soapstone.  These pieces are hand sanded to a fine polish to reveal their natural beauty.  The inspiration for my art continues to be the natural world around me, including influences from my work in medicine.  I aspire to distinguish my work by exploring ways to incorporate other mediums such as wood, bronze or glass.


Mike Stone
Third Place Award
Fees paid to attend (3) Crits & Croissants sessions at the Hockaday

My journey as a photographer began when I was 12 years old, and my first camera was the old Kodak 110. I enjoyed taking a variety of pictures, especially when we went on family vacations. Since that time, I have traveled through the western states, national parks and Hawaii, and my camera is always with me. In the beginning, my pictures were from a typical "tourist's" point of view. Five years ago, I changed my focus in photography looking to become more creative in the images I capture.

In Oct. 2011, I went exploring through the Columbia Fiver Gorge, meandering along the old route, Highway 30 when I happened upon this idyllic scene.  Along the way I discovered a new "Autumn Perspective." The way the fall colors framed this old bridge reminded me of yesteryears: times when old Sunday drives had a meaning, going wherever the road may take you.

Further along Highway 30 just around a bend in the road lies Multnomah Falls.  The sheer majesty of these falls is certainly a site to behold.  As I walked along the path, my attention was focused on viewing the falls with a fresh "Perspective." Through my camera lens a vision of the falls peeking through the trees intrigued me. I was awestruck by the smallness of the bridge in comparison to the Falls.

Because of my unique and creative viewpoints, publishers, galleries and professional organizations have honored my work. Select photographs have been chosen and published in a wide range of photography books.


Catch the Vision: From Dreams to Discovery
The Catch the Vision exhibition is devoted to the discovery, introduction and promotion of emerging artists. The Hockaday’s goal is to help the emerging artist gain confidence, assist in the development of skills, aid in building professional connections and to gain experience in presenting and exhibiting in a professional gallery setting.

Eligible artists needed to be Montana residents working in any media who were beginning their careers as professional artists.  The artist could not have been represented by a commercial gallery or have had a solo exhibition in a gallery or museum setting.  Artists of any age were encouraged to apply, and artists under the age of 18 required their parent's/guardian's permission to participate.

Sponsored in part by
Lucy Smith

The Towne Printer



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