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Catch the Vision:
From Dreams to Discovery

Emerging Artist Solo Exhibition at the Hockaday

October 13 - November 26, 2011

Featuring Mayla Stufft

Mayla Stufft won the Hockaday’s Catch the Vision: From Dreams to Discovery emerging artist competition with the first place award being a solo exhibition at the museum.
A recently retired educator, Mayla was inspired and encouraged to become an artist by her family and friends.
“My inspirations for paintings come from the photographs I take while traveling or exploring my own backyard.  I start most of my watercolor paintings with a good photograph or two that I use for the preliminary sketch. If I do not have a photo of the exact composition I want, I will sketch the desired arrangement from multiple photos or I sometimes cut up my photos and glue them back together in the arrangement I want to draw.  After rendering a good drawing on quality watercolor paper I begin to paint.”
Mayla has begun her career as a professional artist and is in the process of setting up a studio and gallery in her Somers home.

The Catch the Vision: From Dreams to Discovery exhibition is devoted to the discovery, introduction and promotion of emerging artists. The Hockaday’s goal is to help the emerging artist gain confidence, assist in the development of skills, aid in building professional connections and to gain experience in presenting and exhibiting in a professional gallery setting.

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