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Wayne Hammer

January 6 - March 17, 2011

The metal works of Wayne Hammer are born of a combined interest in both the mechanical and natural world. The range of subject material varies from a railroad trestle small sculpture to more classically, wearable gold jewelry based upon floral motifs.

Common to all pieces is an attention to detailed craftsmanship. While it is apparent that spontaneity propels a storytelling aspect, in contrast to this is the fact that metal is largely a slow moving, painstakingly deliberate media. Yet it affords a detailed modeling of scenarios imagined, conceived and contrived.

The influence of nature in his work is derived from living in rural settings throughout his life, growing up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming., upstate New York, and Kailspell, Montana. Wayne’s first encounter with metalsmithing was during his studies at Montana State University in Bozeman, Mt. under Richard Helzer. He went on to graduate studies at Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, Pa., receiving an M.F.A. in metals. Among the artists influential to Wayne’s work are Richard Mawdsley and Bruce Metcalf.

The fact that a viewer is drawn into another “world” through small scale or miniature works affords opportunities to experience imaginations, daydreams, and humor encased in a firm, metallic media….. a sort of ‘alchemic imagination’.

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