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The Art of Preservation: Official Centennial Art of Glacier National Park

March 4 - May 15



The Hockaday Museum of Art hosts the fourteen pieces of art have been selected for Glacier National Park’s Centennial.  The chosen pieces have been on tour throughout the state of Montana since July 2009 for the Centennial Celebration.  Artists include Kelly Apgar, John Atkinson, Bret Bouda, Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey, Jessica Glenn, Dan Hicks, Lucia Holt, Allen Jimmerson, David Koel, Susanna Sloan, Pete Thomas, Brett Thuma, and Robert Zavadil.

For centuries, artists have taken on the ‘call of the wild’ in words, paint, and photography.  Today, artists from the around the world are just as influential in the continued preservation of Glacier National Park’s cultural and natural history through personal connections with the Park. It is the hope of the GNP Centennial Committee that the selected art inspires and engages all interested parties in the Centennial Celebration of Glacier National Park today and for years to come. The Art of Preservation: Official Centennial Art of Glacier National Park is an introduction to the legacy of preserving Glacier National Park for the next 100 years.

The Hockaday Museum of Art is the last stop on the state tour of this art before all fourteen pieces are auctioned at the Spring for Glacier event in Glacier National Park on May 21.  For more information, please visit


Opening Reception sponsored by McDonald's of Kalispell



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