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Ghost Ranches of Montana
Art and Folklore by Jane Stanfel

February 16 - March 22
East, North, C
entral Galleries



Ghost Ranches is an important, different, historical, artistic experience giving glory and justification to the lives and times of the homesteaders and early ranchers of Montana.  Through the oil paintings and collected lore accompanying each work, the viewer is drawn into the drama of Montana's yesteryears.

Through the suite of oil paintings on canvas framed in old barn wood, Ghost Ranches captures these kingdoms created by sweat, blood, and even death as they appear now, decaying and disappearing in the winds of time.  Preserved on the actual barn wood, in sepia tones reminiscent of old photographs, is the emotional presence of those that worked the land.  Local residents, many in their nineties, along with historians have provided the verbal tales still circulating.  These stories vividly enrich the show by giving life to those depicted in the paintings.  Ms. Stanfel shows pictorially and with wall text of the tales, the desolate beauty of these places, the depth of the pioneer commitment, and the futility of many of their adventures.  The nearly 60 paintings, covering ranches across the state, is a powerful artistic preservation of a significant portion of Americana.

Specially enhanced for the Hockaday, Ghost Ranches of Montana includes several local examples of the Flathead's rich history by Jane Stanfel.

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