Contact person___________________________________________________________
Approx. Number of Students  _______________  Grade Level (s) ___________________
Tel: (H)__________________ (W)_________________ (C)_______________________
Best time to contact you _______________________  Email________________________
Requested date(s): 1st choice_____________________  2nd choice __________________
(Traveling Medicine Show is available Thursdays and Fridays during all months except Dec, Jan, Feb)
The Exhibit and Presentations need to be held in ONE location at your school.
PRESENTATION FOCUS (please check one option)
All presentations will be adapted to student grade levels.
□ General Overview of Exhibits - Ancient, traditional, contemporary perspectives.
□ Home on the Plains - Tipi-making and design, tools, cooking, family life.
□ Learn as You Play - Games that teach life / social / survival skills, and cultural values.
□ Dress for Every Occasion - Clothing for daily living and special occasions, including construction & decoration.

PRESENTATION FORMAT (please check one option)
□ Classroom group presentation with no activity (Maximum of four presentations per day.)
□ Small group -- 2 presentations with activity per day (approx. 2 - 2 hours each, up to 30 students)
□ Small group -- 3 presentations with activity per day (approx. 1 hours each, up to 30 students)
□ Medium group presentation & small group activities (approx. 100 students) 1 presentation followed
   by activities for 3 or 4 groups per day (1-2 hr presentation with 1hr activity periods)
□ Large group presentation, small group viewing & small group activities 1 presentation followed by 
   exhibit viewing times for small groups and 3 to 4 small group activities per day (This is a workable
   option for limited whole school involvement. It requires extra staff & separate location for activities)
   Time allotment, student totals, and room arrangements are tailored to the needs of your school.

□ $125/day with Hockaday Staff Member 
□ $275/day with Hockaday Staff Member & Blackfeet Indian Artist/Presenter
Fees help defray expenses for presenters and include cost of most project supplies. Additional transportation/lodging charges may be necessary for out-of-area locations.

Fill out this form and mail it to: Hockaday Museum of Art 302 Second Ave. E. Kalispell, MT 59901
Contact the Education Department by phone at 406-755-5268   
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