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Wolf Eagle
Lithograph 1913
by Joe Scheuerle
Joe Scheuerle (1873-1948)
Scheuerle's family migrated to the United States from Vienna, Austria in 1882. He attended public schools in the old German section of Cincinnati, took lessons at the Cincinnati Art Academy, and taught at Ohio Military Institute and other regional schools, before he took a steady commercial job at Cincinnati's famous Strobridge Lithographing Company, which printed hundreds of full-color posters for Barnum & Bailey, Adam Forepaugh, The Ringling Brothers, and Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Scheuerle put his drawing talents to work on the colorful animals and performers featured in these traveling shows, doing sketches from life for eventual printing. His work was literally pasted throughout the United States. Scheuerle met William F. (Buffalo Bill) Cody in Chicago when he went to work for another printing company. He also made friends with other performers in the Wild West Show - especially Iron Tail of the Sioux. He later traveled to the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota to spend time and paint him in his home country. (Iron Tail later died on a train, while working for Buffalo Bill.) Joe visited with the Native Americans regularly with his wife Carolyn and daughter Margaret until he was sixty-five years old. He sketched the outstanding Sioux general Red Cloud, and many other survivors of the Indian wars of the late Nineteenth Century. When Glacier National Park was chartered by Congress in 1910, Scheuerle was visiting the Blackfeet, and met Charles M. Russell. They struck up a long friendship. Joe also worked for Louis W. Hill, drawing the Mountain Goat logo for the Great Northern Railway, and producing some of the commercial art for Hill's See America First campaign. Joe Scheuerle's social circle included artists J. H. Sharp and Joe DeYong, William S. Hart, the movie actor, and Will Rogers, cowboy-turned-Broadway-star.
At his homes in Chicago or New Jersey, he made all of his acquaintances welcome. He hosted Many Coups of the Crow Nation, and even took him to the Lincoln Park Zoo.