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Glacier Park II Artists of Residence
On public display for the first time!
Glacier Park Arists in Residence Glacier Park Arists in Residence
Left Sequence: Betty Billups, Josh Elliot, Joe Abbrescia, Greg McHuron, D. Michael McCarthy Right Sequence: Lizbeth Sabol, Nick Oberling, Donna Massie, Kristin Gjerdset, Parke Goodman
October 24 through January 9, 2003 

For the past five years, Glacier National Park has offered an artist-in-residency program.
Each participating artist donated a painting to the Park upon completion of the program. 
Now these beautiful landscapes are available for viewing at the Hockaday Museum.
The exceptional artwork of Joe Abbrescia, Josh Elliott, Betty Jean Billups, Haakon Ensign, Tom English, and other artists from around the country are on display during this 8 week exhibition.
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That (*#@!) Milk Can
October 24 - January 9, 2003

The (*#@!) Can, by Chelsey Peterson

The (*#@!) Can
: As interpreted by Chelsey Peterson (L),
As photographed by Michael Evans (R)

Flathead Valley Community College art students from Department Head John Rawlings' past and present drawing classes offer their views of a favorite subject in the tongue-in-cheek exhibit of That (*#@!) Milk Can. The ability to look afresh at everyday objects and circumstances is a hallmark of true artistry. 
This exhibit portrays one tried-and-true method of developing that talent by elevating the seemingly mundane through the extension of one's concentration. 
The foundational ability to draw, whether with draftsman like accuracy or spare calligraphic flourish, allows the artist to take flight in the two-dimensional arts.

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The Hockaday is very excited to present an art exhibition comprised of works from our member artists! The Museum boasts an outstanding membership list of artists and this exhibit showcases an incredible array of works. 
Over 40 artists are represented in this show, filling two galleries with works of art in every medium: Karen Leigh, Andrew Geiger, Bonnie Clossen, Diane McClaren, Helen Fanslow, Mark Norley, Joan Kallay, Linda Christensen, Julie Bates, Susie Brown, Susan McGee, Sherri Salari Sander, Mary Sale, Joan Renne, Peter Moore, Shannon Webster, Mary Holman, Gayle Hegland, Helen Voelker Ramon, Julie Wulf, Vicki Kasala, Miantae McConnell, Sue Abbrescia, Joe Abbrescia, Jean Triol, Terry Mimnaugh, Patricia Stewart, Tom Saubert, Tatsy Guild, Frank Tetrault, Michael Evans, Nancy Cawdrey, Marc DeWitt, Mike diMuro, Robert Ball, Mary Eileen Grech, Alice Martin, Marsha Davis, Nicholas Oberling, Jennifer Li, Jack Muir, Linda Tippetts, Robin Sorg, Marvin Messing, Kelly Apgar, Dawn Duane Evans, Charles Davis, Lisa Schaus, Jesse Tilton, James Moore, Kelly Bort, Mary Gayle Shanahan, C. A. Grinde, Mike Jenson, Marshall Noice, Bill garrison, and Corrine Lundgren.  

First Annual
Art Exhibition 

October 24 - December 28, 2002

Hockaday Museum of Art Members Only 2002 Exhibition
Left to Right: Patricia Stewart, Marvin Messing, Mary Holman, Tatsy Guild. Front: Ceramics by Charles Davis

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The Hockaday is pleased to present a forum for "Educators as Artists" in an exhibit of recent works from Flathead Valley educators in all disciplines. 

This exhibit features the impressive talents of those teachers dedicated to fostering an integrated sense of creativity in our children.

Featured artists include: 
Wes Hines, Sara Nelson, Doug Mason, Linda Tutvedt, Mary James, Corrinne C. Malloy, Shirley Spurgeon, Wendy Kay Schwartz, Lavonne Burgard, Pam Tresler, Sue Supola, Julie Engler, and Kelly Apgar.

Educators As Artists
October 24 - January 9, 2003 

Educators as Artists Exhibition
Ceramic Jars by Sara Nelson (L); 
Deep Bay, Watercolor by Doug Mason (R).

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