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Artist Wilderness Connection Program 2006

Application Deadline: February 28

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Artist - Wilderness Connection

In 2003, the Bob Marshall Foundation, Flathead National Forest, Hockaday Museum of Art and Swan Ecosystem Center joined forces to create the Artist-Wilderness-Connection project, an artist-in-residence program that connects artists with the Flathead National Forest, the Hockaday Museum of Art and area communities. Artists selected for this program in 2004 were glass artist Myni Ferguson of Whitefish and writer Annick Smith of Bonner. Artists selected in 2005 were multi-media Karin Connelly of West Glacier and painter Janet Sullivan of Missoula.

What is the Artist Wilderness Connection
The program connects artists with the Flathead National Forest, the Hockaday Museum of Art and area communities. The program consists of the Artist residency, the Forest experience, and the Community extension. The artist-in-residence program benefits the artists, offering a remote setting to focus on their art, and benefits the public through the presentations the artists will offer. 

The program places professional working artists in various disciplines, media, and styles in remote forest cabins for seven to up to 14 days followed by a public presentation related to the residency experience. Group collaborations will be considered and are welcome to apply.

The program focus connects artists with wild lands like the Bob Marshall, Great Bear and Mission Mountain Wilderness Areas. All cabins in this program are located in the Flathead National Forest in the Condon, Hungry Horse/West Glacier and Spotted Bear vicinity.  Some cabins are very private, suggesting solitude, reflection and personal work; other sites offer the experience of working and/or living with Forest Service work crews.  The best residency experiences come from plans that allow for the unexpected and are entered into with an open mind.

A public presentation accompanies each residency.  It may include demonstrating art form or techniques to the public.  This can include, but is not limited to, a showing, performance, open house, workshop, or training session in which the public or school groups can participate and learn from the artist about the experiences gained through his/her participation in the Artist-In-Residence Program.  The workshops, performances, exhibits and other experiences communicate the values, processes, features and resources of both the artists and the forest.  A variety of community groups may be involved: students, adults, the arts community, civic groups, service groups, etc. 

Participants will donate a representative piece of his/her work to the Artist
Wilderness Connection (AWC) Program with full copyright to reproduce and use the work to promote and benefit the AWC program including using the artwork in any educational or interpretive manner. 

Each artist will work with the program administrators to determine what type of a presentation and donation they will provide. Within six weeks after the residency, artists will submit an outline of what they propose to do. Public presentations and donations will occur within one year after the artist residency. 

Wilderness values, natural processes and features, history, wildlife, resource management issues and other topics related to wilderness and wilderness management are used as themes around which artists' visits are organized.  All media of art works will be encouraged, as long as the environment and cabins are left in a natural state.

The 2006 program will host three artists in cabins in the Flathead National Forest during the months of August and September. Individual Montana artists, as well as joint or group collaborations, are now invited to apply for the 2006 program. Applications must be postmarked by February 28.
For application guidelines, view the Application Form.

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