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Diccon Swan Visits Kalispell and the Hockaday Museum of Art
July 2003

British portrait and still life artist Diccon Swan visited the Flathead Valley in July 2003, where he taught a workshop at the Hockaday Museum of Art and painted a portrait of Blackfeet spiritual leader George Kicking Woman for the Hockaday Museum's Permanent Collection.

Born in Ireland, Swan completed a degree in theology at St. Johnís College, Oxford, and a degree in art at the Ruskin School of Drawing, Oxford.  He has exhibited in various galleries, including The Royal Academy; The Mall Galleries; The Museum of Modern Art, Oxford; The Ebury Gallery; the Blackheath Callery; St. Judeís, Kensington Church Street; The Hambledon Gallery, Blanford, Dorset; and The Addison-Ross Gallery.

Official portraits by Swan include Prime Minister John Major; Benazir Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan; Francesco Cossiga, President of Italy; Kenneth Clarke, Chancellor of the Exchequer; and Lord Boyd-Carpenter. In 1987, Swan won the Senior Prize in the Irish National Portrait Painting Competition with a portrait of actor Rik Mayall.  Swan has also painted portraits of Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson; Lady Margaret Thatcher, Prince Peter of Yugoslavia, actors Jane Asher, Sian Phillips and Peter Bowles, Parliament member Alan Duncan, Canon Eric James; Parliament member William Hague and his wife Ffion. 

Special Thanks to:
Buz and Carole Meyer for sponsoring Dicconís visit and the painting
Tedrowe Watkins for sponsoring the sitting fee

Diccon Swan paints a portrait of 92 year old George Kicking-Woman
Photograph by Buz Meyer

Diccon Swan -- viewing the Hockaday's exhibits with museum members, and the general public at his reception. The Hockaday sponsors a cultural tour to Browning, Montana.
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Diccon Swan teaches a workshop
at the Hockaday Museum of Art.

Diccon circles around his students,
admiring their work, and giving pointers.

The model is drawn from many angles, in many media - watercolor, pencil, charcoal, and oil paint.

Meagan, our model, was pleased to see herself portrayed in so many ways.

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