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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I donate an artwork to the Hockaday Museum?
We appreciate your consideration and are happy to review the object to determine if the artwork fits our collection policies. Please contact our busy director by phone, in person, or by email to make an appointment.

Does the Hockaday Museum buy art?
Occasionally we do consider art for purchase, but ask for a photograph and letter telling us about the object, how you acquired the piece, and the terms of sale. Please do not bring it to the museum unless you have made an appointment.

I am an artist. Would the Hockaday Museum consider me for an exhibition?

The Hockaday Museum schedules its exhibits at least a year ahead of schedule. We have our yearly outdoor Arts in the Park show, and hosts a Members Only exhibition in the Autumn. There are deadlines for each event, which are published on our website as they are established every year. Artists with individual proposals may send digital images or links to online portfolios to

I found an old artwork in the attic, at a garage sale, etc ... Is it real? What’s it worth?

The Hockaday Museum does not perform identifications, authentications, or valuations. Feel free to contact us for a list of local appraisers.

Where can I learn more about a specific artist or type of art?

Researching artists and art can be done in many different ways. Start your search online at a site like www.askart.com or www.artnet.com. Ask your local librarians -- they know how to get hard-to-find information.

May I talk to a curator?
Our curator is heavily scheduled, so an appointment is necessary. When making an appointment, remember that  a little research on your part can answer many questions ahead of time.

I have an artwork that needs to be cleaned. Who should I call?
Feel free to contact us for a list of local conservators. Excellent information on selecting a conservator is also available on the American Institute for Conservation website at http://aic.stanford.edu/public/select.html.

I need to move a large painting or sculpture. How do I do it?
For crating or shipping, you may try
www.usart.com, www.artexfas.com, or www.atelier4.com.
The museum does not endorse any specific art handling and shipping companies.

I need to have a work of art framed. Can you recommend someone?
Feel free to contact us for a list of local framers. The customer determines the level of care they want.
The American Institute for Conservation can tell you what kinds of questions to ask --