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Paul Kratter
A Timeless Legacy 2018 Artist


Paul Kratter Up at the Pass
Up at the Pass
  Paul Kratter
9" x 12"

  Representative work

Paul Kratter and curious visitor
Paul Kratter's mother was born in Great Falls, Montana, and he spent many summers at Flathead Lake and in Glacier National Park.

"I vividly remember hiking along the Garden Wall Trail at Logan Pass and seeing all the wildlife right along the trail," he says. "It's always been a a dream of mine to return to Montana and paint in one of the crown jewels of America and Canada."

Paul painted for a week in August 2017, during the devastating fire in the park.

In spite of the smoke, he says, "I had a grand time. As winds shifted the true beauty of the park was revealed. I fully enjoy the outdoors experience of painting on location and meeting visitors from all over the world. Close encounters with big horn sheep, mountain goats and bears topped this most memorable return."



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