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Jill Carver
A Timeless Legacy 2018 Artist


Jill Carver The Old Gateway to Glacier
The Old Gateway to Glacier (Belton Bridge)
  Jill Carver
Oil on Canvas
24" x 24"
USD $5,800



Jill Carver September sunset
September Sunset on the Flathead
  Jill Carver
Oil on Canvas
10.75" x 12.75"
USD $1,650



Jill Carver Morning on the Middle Fork
Morning on the Middle Fork
  Jill Carver
Oil on Panel
10" x 12"
USD $1,550



Jill Carver Glacier National Park_triptych
Glacier National Park (triptych)
  Jill Carver
Oil on Linen Panel
14" x 42"
USD $10,250



Jill Carver Fireweed Renewal
Fireweed Renewal
  Jill Carver
Oil on Canvas
10" x 10"
USD $1,450



  The above works appear in A Timeless Legacy: Peace Park 2018 and are available for purchase.

Jill Carver
Jill Carver is originally from London, England, and moved to the United States in 2002. Before becoming a full time professional artist, she was a curatorial research assistant at the National Portrait Gallery in London for 12 years. Jill lives in Rico, Colorado, a small historical mining town nestled in the San Juan Mountains.

In 2014, Jill won the Gold Medal (Artists’ Choice) for Best in Show at Maynard Dixon Country and in the same year was inaugurated as Signature Member in Plein Air Painters of America. She is now a board member of that organization.

Previously, she won numerous awards including Artists’ Choice at the Laguna Beach Invitational in 2009; at Telluride, also in 2009; and, at Plein Air Easton in 2008. She was invited as Guest Artist at the 2016 Northwest Rendezvous show at The Brinton Museum in Sheridan, WY, and participated in the highly regarded Coors show in 2016 and 2017. She is a popular and highly regarded teacher.

Nature inspires Jill’s work.

“I prefer nature’s inspired tangled-ness rather than tidiness,” she says. “I enjoy the iconic intimate scene rather than the grand vista. I notice details, and change. The rotten log that finally buckled and broke under the weight of last winter’s snow; the subtle course-change of the meandering stream; the fading crescent moon that mimics the curve of the lake; the latest re-model project of our local beaver, his favorite pond being mine also. My paintings are a journal of this ongoing conversation, a record of observation, study and pure delight.” Visit the artist's website.



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