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Deborah Berniklau
A Timeless Legacy 2020 Artist



2020 Works


Covering Our Tracks

Deborah Berniklau

Oil on Linen, 24" x 36"

 USD $7,950.00





Deborah Berniklau

Oil on Linen, 24" x 18" 

 USD $4,800.00



A Good Days End

Deborah Berniklau

Oil on Panel, 5" x 7"

 USD $750.00





Deborah Berniklau

Oil on Panel, 7" x 5"

 USD $750.00

Deborah Berniklau


Deborah Berniklau 


My passion for art has me waking up each morning eager to go to my studio and create paintings that bring stories to life. I’m especially drawn to the powerful nature of horses and the stories of Old West.

I love to paint vivid anatomy and life into my characters, power into the horses and atmosphere into my backgrounds. I want my viewers to feel the spirit and emotion of each painting, and to experience the essence of what it was like in the West, a West that is still present in slices of the American landscape. I want the viewer to have a timeless and expansive feeling with my art, where time stops when they stop to view the work. I want my viewers to feel the emotion of the characters, the power of the animals, and the flavor of the history I’m depicting. 


My heroes include John Singer Sargent, Andres Zorn and Joaquin Sorolla. My work is inspired by painters such as Howard Terpning, Mian Situ and Alfredo Rodriguez. My love of the West inspires me to capture the essence of each scene, and my paintings give collectors the chance to take home a piece of the west.


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