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Travel Through Nature: Northwestern Montana Nature Photographers

 Online Exhibit Introduction
Thursday, June 4
5:00 to 7:00 PM

Includes artist presentation for members


On Exhibit
 June 5
 to September 12


David Armer

Great Grey, 2019


Robert Hanson

Reflection (Lake McDonald), 2017

About the Exhibit
Travel Through Nature, an exhibit of work by members of the Northwest Montana Nature Photographers highlights the individual viewpoint and artistic journey of each participating member. Multiple photographers will look at the same subject but will capture different emotions, details and light in a way that makes their image unique. Each photographer's view of our world differs as the light travels through their lens.

Photographs are available for puchase. Click HERE to view the illustrated checklist!


Exhibit inculdes work by the following members:

Karen Adams

David Armer

Steve Barta

Erin Braaten

Nancy Chalmers

Mike Cronin

Robert Hanson

Phil Lloyd

Judy Petterson

Marie Smith

Joan Stewart

Dick Walker


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