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Looking at Landscape: the Work of Dale Beckman and Richard Thompson

Opening Reception:

Thursday, February 13, 5 to 7 PM



On Exhibit:

February 14 to May 23

In Looking At Landscape, we are presenting the work of two artists that were previously unknown to each other, but whose interpretation of the rural landscape is both complimentary and very different from the other.


Badlands Series

Dale Beckman is a Montana artist who distills the landscape to an elemental value. Montana’s Makoshika State Park is located adjacent to the town of Glendive near the North Dakota border. Beckman’s paintings of Makoshika’s remarkable badlands become complex compilations of simple forms that flow through the picture plane, echoing the way the sandstone formations slowly erode with wind and water.


Patchwork Prairies

Richard Thompson hales from Oregon, and creates geometric expressions of the landscape. His work shows a deep understanding of color and abstraction. Over the last decade Richard has explored the rural, agricultural landscape of the American west with its distant horizons, far away mountains, geometric field patterns and farm buildings seen as if they are still life elements on a wide, vast table.


Dale Beckman

Badlands #8

Ink and Acrylic on Paper

13" x 17"



Richard Thompson

Summer Colors


20" x 30"




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