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Studio Tour
Celebrating Local Artists and Artisans
September 20 - 21, 2014
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Local artists and artisans working and living in the Flathead Valley will participate in a Studio Tour & Sale on the weekend of September 20 & 21, 2014.  Host artists/artisans will demonstrate their skills and/or provide samples of various stages of production for visitor viewing.  Local Color Studio Tour is a juried event for artist studios and galleries with a working studio on the premises.

Hop a Ride
and Leave the Driving to Us

New for 2014
Leave the driving to us and enjoy the beauty of early fall in the Flathead Valley. Tour half of the studios each day. Complimentary snacks and bottled water will be provided. Cost: $50 per person per day. Reservations and advance payment are required. Call the Hockaday at 406.755.5268 to reserve and submit payment by September 13, 2014.

The Details

  • There will be two tours – Saturday, September 20th and Sunday, September 21st
  • Tours will leave from the Hockaday front door at 10am on both days, and will return to the Hockaday at the end of the tour. Both tours will start with visits to some Kalispell studios, and then will journey out to either the Bigfork or the Whitefish area
  • Each tour will last approximately 5-6 hours
  • Saturday tour is the “South” tour, covering 6 studios in Kalispell, Somers, and Bigfork, in this order:
    Sherry Wells, Celinda English, Karen Leigh, Susan Miller, Lee Proctor, David Secrest
  • Sunday tour is “North” tour, covering 7 studios in Kalispell and Whitefish, in this order:
    Shelle Lindholm, Yvonne Stotler, Sheri Trepina, Elaine Snyder, Kris Kramer, Gail Hansen, Kelly Bort
  • Each studio stop is planned for approximately 30 minutes
  • Each tour will include bottled water and some fun snacks
  • Artists will be encouraged to plan demos around the tour stops, but this cannot be guaranteed
2014 Participating Artists
listed in alphabetical order

Kelly Bort
Whitefish, Montana
Kelly's art quilts are first drawn on a piece of white fabric.  They are painted with both inks and fabric paints.  After the painting has dried and cured, she quilts the work, quilting both by hand and with her sewing machine.   She is surrounded by beautiful wildflowers, interesting wild animals and the ever-changing mountains, all of which inspire her work.

New Participant for 2014   

Celinda English
Kalispell, Montana
Celinda English is the artist and owner of CE DESIGNS Studio, located in the Eastside Brick Building in the eastside of Kalispell.  Celinda works on commission with interior designers and architects to create one-of-a-kind wall pieces that compliment a room’s décor.  Her education in art, fashion, and costume design is shared with high school students and adults in her spacious studio classroom.  Celinda also designs contemporary jewelry, knitwear, apparel, costume, fiber craft, and surface design pieces.


Gail Hansen
Whitefish, Montana
Gail is inspired by the pattern of light created in the backlit subject.  She begins outside where she sets up an easel and produces small sketches.  Working in her studio, she expands small paintings into large-scale works on canvas.  After 30 years of working in watercolor, she has found the expressive possibilities inherent in the medium of oils the perfect marriage of idea and medium for her.

New Participant for 2014   

Kris Kramer
, Montana
Working with metal clay or PMC, Kris is more sculpture than jeweler. She designs and creates silver pendants, necklaces, charms, earrings, and rings. End-of-season sales will abound during this tour.


Karen Leigh
Kalispell, Montana
Inspired primarily by the beauty and spirit of her native Montana as well as travels abroad, Karen offers original watercolors and commissioned work.  A Signature Member of the Montana Watercolor Society, Karen received the Gold Medal in 2006 and President’s Award in 2008.


Shelle Lindholm
Kalispell, Montana
Shelle paints animals with attitude.  Her primitive painting style has developed through the exploration of acrylics and has been strongly influenced by folk art from around the world.  She was recently named by Montana’s Secretary of State, Linda McCulloch, as the current Montana “Treasured” Artist.


Susan Miller
Kalispell, Montana
With a passion for creating and recycling, Susan has been blessed to give castaway items a second chance.  Vintage china, glass, postage stamps, lace and more are transformed into jewelry using stained glass techniques.  Vintage china, glass, paint and imagination are used to create one-of-a-kind mosaics, home décor and furniture.  Susan also find great satisfaction in creating  new custom family heirlooms from damaged pieces from the past.


Lee Proctor
Bigfork, Montana
Lee has always worked with fire, first in metals and now in hot glass.  For him, the creative process is a magical experience, full of mystery and challenge.  Lee trusts his creative instincts, letting his intuition be his guide.


David Secrest
, Montana
Natural processes guide David’s aesthetic judgment and it is through intentional manipulation of materials that he finds his expression.  Through exploring the interplay between structure, surface and form, David hopes to capture the viewer’s attention and paradoxically offer a respite for the viewer’s intellect.


Elaine Snyder
Kalispell, Montana
Elaine is a custom clothier of buckskin dresses and modern western buckskin jackets and vests for men and women.  In January 2009, Elaine was inducted into Montana Circle of American Masters as a master tailor in buckskin and historic clothes.


Yvonne Stotler
Kalispell, Montana
It has always been about the art for Yvonne.  Art has defined her life, given her purpose, and filled her with joy and wonder. She has tried to capture the joy that nature brings into her life in her porcelain artwork.  To create her unusual combinations of objects, she makes plaster molds and uses porcelain slip.

New Participant for 2014   

Sheri Trepina
Kalispell, Montana
Sheri designs colorful, textural hanging art pieces inspired by elements of nature.  The technique of Collage is a favorite; Sheri loves the rich textures and line you get by the layering of delicate papers and paint. The movement of paint and water against these layers is exciting to Sheri and gives her work an abstract quality.


Sherry Wells
Kalispell, Montana
Sherry uses primarily high fire porcelain to make her wheel thrown and altered dining, serving and decorative ware.  She finds great joy and satisfaction in using handmade objects daily.  Sherry seeks to enhance this experience for others by encouraging the use of handmade Art daily, generating a moment of pause to appreciate the piece being used; to drink coffee, eat meals, or enjoy viewing.